Rental Gear

Rental Gear

Starting from scratch? We have everything you’ll need for a day of diving. You can pick up all your rented gear at our dive shop, whether it be a full set of SCUBA gear or just a few things to round out the gear you already own. We strongly recommend that you call in advance to reserve your rental gear to ensure we will have it in stock when you arrive.

Pricing: 24 Hour Rental Period

Tank = $20.00

BCD = $20.00

Regulator = $20.00

Wetsuit = $20.00

Hood, Gloves, Booties = $15.00 per item

Mask & Snorkel, Fins = $15.00 per item

Weights = $15.00

Full Set Rental One Day = $99.00
**Gear must be fully rinsed with FRESHWATER when returned. Rental gear can be rinsed at the shop during the summer months.

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