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Nahant offers great diving sites for all ability levels, around the whole outer tip–lots of color and marine life to be seen here. Awesome rock formations to explore as well. Lobstering is also popular around here. Plus you don’t have to worry about getting a parking ticket!!! Depths range from 10′ to over 60′. Bottom type is mostly rocky, with areas of gravel and patchy sand.
Tewksbury Rock is a great site for those who like a multi-level dive. This large rock pinnacle sits just below the surface at about 15′-18′, then quickly descends to depths over 60′. Good lobstering at this site too. This site is very rocky up top, and becomes a hard gravel at the bottom. Usually a lot of marine life in the area too.
Martin’s Ledge is very similar to Tewksbury Rock (see above). This site begins at around 20′ to 25′, then quickly drops to over 70′. Usually a fair amount of marine life is encountered around the rock. Rock formations are awesome here, with large pinnacles, and deep crevices. The bottom type is very rocky.
Devil’s Back Ledge was the site of numerous shipwrecks throughout the years, however, not many signs of wreckage are visible in now. Depths range from only 10′ to about 40′ in some areas. Currents tend to be strong here. The bottom is very rocky and kelpy, then comes to a gravel type bottom.
Middle Brewster Island offers many great diving sites all around the whole island. The sites are very rocky, with lots of color, and marine life to enjoy. Lobstering is very popular here. In the winter months there is a large colony of harbor seals in the area. Depths range from 10′ to about 50′.
Boston Ledge is another great dive site in which multi-level diving is available. The top of the pinnacle begins at about 20 to 25 feet, then drops to depths over 50′. A fair current is usually present here. The bottom is rocky, with lots of kelp around too. Usually a good amount of sea life as well.
Lovell’s Island is a shallow dive with most area under 20′. This site has lots of color, and smaller marine life. A great dive site for beginners, or those “1st dives of the year.” The bottom tends to be a rocky/mussel bed type floor. Lots of kelp and seaweed present here too.
Shag Rocks offers some nice diving all around the area. Large rocks and boulders are scattered throughout the site. A great lobster diving site. Currents tend to be on the strong side here, usually making this a drift dive. Depths range from 10′ to about 40′.
Calf Island offers its best diving on the easterly facing side. Some scattered pieces of wreckage can be found about the bottom from older shipwrecks. Visibility tends to be on the lower side. Depths range from 15′ to about 40′. Harbor seals are abundant here during the winter months. The bottom tends to be very rocky.
Broad Sound is a large expanse of water that stretches from the tip of Nahant to Deer Island. Drift diving is usually done here, because of the large area involved. Depths range from 30′ to over 70′ depending on the areas. Bottom types also vary, but generally range from rocky, kelp bottoms to a hard gravel.
Green Island offers great diving around the whole island. Lots of color at many of the sites around the island. Large rocks and boulders are everywhere. Current may be noticeable here sometimes as well. This is a popular lobster site. Depths range from 15′ to about 50′.
3 1/2 Fathoms Ledge starts at about 25′ and quickly drops to depths over 80′. In many places there are shear vertical walls. Much like Tewksbury Rock, and Martin’s Ledge, but a little deeper. Usually a lot of marine life around this site.
Harding’s Ledge is well known to local mariners. It has caused many shipwrecks in the past. Wreckage is still visible in many areas. This is a nice easy dive. Lots of color and growths in the area. Depths begin at 10′ and slowly can get down to about 40′. Bottom is very rocky.
Roaring Bulls is a series of rocks that are covered at high tide, and exposed at low tide. This is a very rocky site, with large boulder type rock towering above the bottom in a few places. Color is usually very nice here, and marine life is usually abundant. A good site for lobsters. Depths range from 10′ to over 50′.
Outer Brewster Island is a great dive site for all ability levels. Depths can start at only 10′, and slowly can slope down to about 60′. Rocks and kelp are very abundant here, as well as the lobsters. Color is usually nice here too.
Halftide Rock is another pinnacle in the harbor that offers some nice diving. The dive starts at only 10′ of water, and quickly drops down to about 40′. The site is very rocky, then the bottom turns to sand. Lots of color at this site. Current is usually strong here, usually making a drift dive necessary.

***New Dive Sites: Over the past 5 years plus of operating out of Boston Harbor we have found many new and interesting dive sites. Some new wreck sites include: the bow section of the City of Salisbury, YMS- 14 (a WWII Navy minesweeper), Sweet Sue (a fishing boat), the Wooden Schooner (not much known yet), the beam trawler (fully intact fishing boat in only 30 feet of water). In addition to these wrecks we also have some new scallops beds to explore, and are always looking for new dive sites.

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