Beginner Private Classes


Get Certified in a Private, Personalized Setting

Our private open water diver program is a cut above those offered by other SCUBA diving shops. We specialize in private, personalized classes with you, your family, and friends. Due to the small size of the classes, your instructor can customize your time to enhancing your abilities and skills in SCUBA diving.

This personal attention will allow you to get much more out of the course than you would in a larger class setting. Together with Boston SCUBA, a schedule is made with your convenience in mind.

Academic Sessions: Academic sessions are completed online using PADI’s e-Learning course. Whether you are in a hurry, or want to take your time, PADI’s e-Learning course will work for you.

Pool Sessions: You will complete two pool classes where you will learn and practice the skills needed for safe and fun SCUBA diving. Total pool time is about eight hours. These sessions can take place in the Boston.

Open Water Dives: Four open water SCUBA dives are completed over a two-day period. All the open water training is done on our custom dive boat located in the same marina as our Dive Shop, which means no lugging your gear for shore dives! Open water training dives will be available Thursday through Sunday. Training dives start in the middle of May and run until October 31st. Check our dive charter calendar for open spots. Alternatively, you could complete your four open water dives while on vacation at nearly any PADI resort (which you coordinate separately).

Private Class Pricing Information

Private lesson rates are listed below. Rates below INCLUDE the $230.00 cost of PADI’s e-Learning course, and a PADI student academic package. All the SCUBA & snorkeling gear needed for the course is also included. No gear purchases are necessary. No gear rental fees. No pool use fees.

Class Size Referral Program Rates (Academic and Pool Only) Rates for Completing Open Water Dives
1-4 Student $1,600.00 per student $500.00 per student
5+ students $1,400.00 per student $500.00 per student

How to Enroll

  • Please read the Medical Statement to see if you need a doctor’s approval before enrolling.
  • To begin, sign up for PADI’s e-learning course.
  • Once you are enrolled in the e-learning course, call us at 617-418-5555 or email the dive shop so we can help create a schedule to complete your pool training.
  • Please note: Balances are due on the first day of class.
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